Experts in Solving Microsoft Windows Headaches

With Aiden on your team, you can ensure every device is automatically configured, updated, and secured to your desired state so that your team is more productive.

in vulnerabilities
Fewer IT
support tickets
Reduction in time spent deploying computers

Achieve Windows Desired State Configuration, finally.

Ditch software patching for intelligent packaging and deployment
saving your team’s time (your sanity) and reducing errors.

Aiden intelligent software package

Manually deploying software applications and security patches are dreaded items on your team’s to-do list.

Meet Aiden – Solving IT’s headaches using AI & hyperautomation.

Aiden simplifies your IT process, giving you peace of mind and security by ensuring your computers get exactly the software they need and nothing else.

Intelligent Software Packaging and Deployment:
An Endpoint Management Paradigm Shift

Software patching is like playing a game of whack-a-mole. Modern enterprises deserve a better way to deliver new functionality and stay secure. Aiden’s Desired State Configuration solution inspires confidence with your end-users and organizational leadership. So what is Aiden…


The trusted library of intelligent software packages, field-tested in leading global enterprises.

AidenLabs Automation Engineer

Our team of expert automation engineers developing innovative solutions tailored to your needs.

AidenBot with artificial intelligence icon and Aiden logo on intelligent software package

The AI that uses hyperautomation to ensure your Windows computers are in their desired state.



Our policy-based reporting module that provides compliance recommendations based on your endpoint desired state configuration.

Streamline IT Operations

You don’t need another fancy solution, use the infrastructure you already have

Dive into how Aiden automates the management and configuration of your Windows environment with these popular software deployment tools:

Autopilot for Microsoft Intune
Microsoft System Center

Use a different deployment tool? No problem, we automate them all.

Enterprise Intelligent Automation in Action

One of our company values is to “Only share the truth.”
Here’s how Aiden’s automation can ACTUALLY help your organization.

Key Benefits of Aiden’s Intelligent Software Packaging
and Deployment:

Simplify IT

  • Support work from anywhere

  • Simplify computer imaging

  • Streamline software deployments

  • Standardize applications across user-groups

Reduce Risk

  • Proactively eliminate vulnerabilities

  • Decrease time-to-patch

  • Enhance cyber hygiene

  • Cleanly wipe and rebuild machines

Enhance Compliance

  • Keep your company policy in plain English

  • Decrease effort to meet strict regulations

  • Gain better visibility into your Windows environment

  • Enhance cyber hygiene

Meet Aiden’s Fans

Stop manually building machines and deploying software.

Top 5 IT Headaches Aiden Solves

Here’s the hard truth: Patching doesn’t work at scale. If you want to keep Windows devices in their desired state all the time, ditch patching and start intelligently packaging with Aiden.

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  • Managing images and bare-metal deployments
  • Disrupting end-users with software updates
  • Lingering vulnerabilities

  • Keeping endpoints in compliance with company policies

  • Responding to repetitive helpdesk tickets

Unlock Your Imagination.
Rethink IT Capabilities.

Modern Business Use Cases with Aiden


…rebuild hardware anywhere, at any time…

  • Automate Windows Autopilot & provide an out-of-box experience with no extra work
  • Rebuild based on travel or employee status

  • Respond to ransomware with a clean new installation

  • Breath new life into old machines

…get more out of software deployments…

  • Fully support WFA
  • Seamlessly swap out security tools
  • Effortlessly migrate to a new Windows OS

  • Finally package Microsoft store apps

…provision cloud environments in minutes…

  • Disaster recovery

  • Disposable environments

  • Temporary migrations

  • Isolation and containment

IT-Security-Paradigm-Shift resources illustration

The IT Security Paradigm Shift

Join us on our quest to bridge the gap between IT and Cybersecurity through in-depth articles, trends, news, and events.

Delivering Windows Desired State Configuration Together

Our partners choose Aiden because they are determined to deliver the best end-user experience for their customers.

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