Meet Aiden, Your AI-based IT Assistant.

Simplify your team’s to-dos; imagine a new way to manage Windows

The amount of time your team probably spends on support tickets, troubleshooting, patching, maintaining images, and worrying about security and compliance can be nauseating. With Aiden, you can re-focus your team on high-impact (and more rewarding) projects while we keep your environment up-to-date.

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Say hello to your IT team's new assistant.

Achieve Desired State Configuration

So you've worked hard on the perfect computer configuration for each user group, but do you really know how many of your endpoints meet your requirements? Let Aiden help you finally achieve desired state configuration for all of your Windows computers while your team focuses on more rewarding projects.

Support WFA Hybrid Environments

Whether on-prem or (hopefully not) over the coffee shop Wi-Fi, your end user's computers will stay updated and secure ...even without a VPN. See how Aiden enforces DSC in the cloud.

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Bring Clarity to Compliance

Add immediate transparency to your environment's cyber hygiene with AidenVision so auditors, the Risk Committee, and everyone in between are in the know. Learn more about AidenVision.

Eliminate Software Vulnerabilities

You can call us the "Windows vulnerability whisperer" because after running AidenBot once, we'll tame your Microsoft computers by remediating your most time-consuming vulnerabilities, just ask your vulnerability scanner. Check out our Microsoft expertise.

Experts in Solving Microsoft Windows Headaches

With Aiden on your team, you can ensure every device is automatically configured, updated, and secured to your desired state so that you’re team is more productive.

in vulnerabilities
Fewer IT
support tickets
Reduction in time spent deploying computers

Rapidly Rebuild from Ransomware

When ransomware hits, getting back to normal is crucial. Quickly get your critical infrastructure operational with a clean OS reinstallation and all the software needed in days rather than weeks...or even months. Read our ransomware case study.

Outsourced Intelligent Software Packaging

No more tedious patching, task sequences, maintaining computer images or troubleshooting blue screens. Get access to AidenCore, our evolving library of 1,600+ field-proven and deployment-ready software packages synced to your network and customized to your standards and preferences. Read more about our intelligent software packages.

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Improve Digital Employee Experience (DEX)

Nobody likes to have to constantly reboot their computer, deal with a faulty printer, update software, or contact helpdesk because something's not working. With Aiden, your IT team can get their precious time back and end-users can be more productive because computers just work.

Enhance Your Deployment Tool

Deployment and RMM tools like Microsoft Endpoint Manager (SCCM & Intune), ManageEngine, BigFix, Ivanti LANDesk, Kaseya, and Automox can be a real pain to manage. Your team can forget the complex scripting, targeting and task sequences, just schedule AidenBot to deploy and that's it!

Your Most Tedious
IT Tasks...Automated

Getting all your Windows endpoints to their ideal desired state and keeping them there is nearly impossible ... unless you have Aiden on your team. AidenBot ensures every device is automatically configured, updated, and secured to your desired state and monitor over time with AidenVision so that your business functions flawlessly.

Psst... this is a living list that is constantly updating. If you don't see a task you would expect, reach out to us directly.

Aiden Task List

*No email required


Careful, Aiden is highly addictive. Once deployed, so much more is possible and ridiculously easy.


Meet Aiden

Meet with an Aiden expert, get a technical deep-dive, and schedule your onboarding.


Create your Plain-English Policy

The AidenLabs team works with you to better understand your environment and desired state. We'll then co-author your plain-English policy document, which outlines your corporate standards and requirements


Building and Testing

Your new team of automation engineers get to work developing and testing any new application packages while our software syncs your private virtual library of intelligent packages with AidenCore (our library of 1,600+ pre-built common software packages).


AidenBot Deploy!

Simply decide your desired deployment option (execute task(s), apply DSC, bare-metal or post-image PC setup) and preferred rollout schedule. Then let AidenBot bring your computers into your desired state on your command.


Monitor Compliance

Get up-to-date deployment metrics on every computer Aiden manages, review compliance over time, ensure your SLAs are getting met, and easily report cyber hygiene to stakeholders with AidenVision.


Say Goodbye to Patch Tuesday

Take the headaches out of developing and maintaining software packages and let AidenLabs build them for you. Have something custom? AidenLabs builds packages to suit your needs.


Common business applications are already packaged and ready to deploy. And growing every day

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