Do what you do best and let aiden’s intelligent packaging automation do the rest.


Intelligent Packaging as a Service

Never worry about creating or updating packages again. aiden’s proprietary packaging service automates updates for software, drivers, BIOS, and firmware. Deploy and remove software, language packs, keyboard layouts, fonts, cybersecurity patches, and highly personalized system configurations for your Windows environment. aiden customizes each package so you don’t have to.

  • Reduce time to remediate vulnerabilities

  • Packages are built to vendor specs

  • Field-tested to verify successful deployments


Eliminate Imaging

Yesterday’s practice of maintaining golden images is no longer realistic. Modern endpoint management demands next generation dynamic and automated deployments. To setup or rebuild a computer, aiden replaces traditional imaging by building a task sequence on the fly based on your plain-text standards document. aiden installs Windows from scratch, all drivers, applications, BIOS, and firmware updates, and configures all of them for the specific scenario. This ensures a pristine deployment every time.

  • Never build task sequences again
  • Ensure consistent, pristine deployments

  • Bypass opportunities for human error with programmatic deployments

Take patching off of your plate…for good.

“We trust aiden to automate patching, so we have complete confidence that patching happens quickly, and on all devices–without interruptions.”

Chief Information Security Officer, Financial Services

“aiden provides a more scalable process, better product being delivered to the end user, faster support resolution because of the consistency, and significant IT hours saved supporting the overall process”

SVP, Technology, Global Private Equity
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Standardize Effortlessly

Complex environments require continuous scanning and adjustments to ensure standardization and interoperability. The same packages used for setting up computers are also used for maintaining computers, creating a consistent and reliable environment. With aiden’s policy-based dynamic approach to building and updating machines, standardization becomes effortless.

  • Standardize across complex environments with a simple plain-text policy update

  • Ensure machines stay within your “golden image” guidelines using a dynamic approach

  • Create consistency between new builds and updates

Support Legacy Operating Systems

Have older machines lying around and wish you could replace or rebuild them with your current standards? aiden’s ever-growing, field-proven package and driver repositories date back almost two decades supporting legacy systems back to Windows 7 and Vista. aiden easily installs service packs, critical system updates, software, language packs, security vulnerability patches…you name it!

  • Breathe new life into out of date machines

  • Legacy Windows installations comply with your standards


Compliance Support

Do you have strict compliance regulations you must maintain? Great! PCI, HIPAA & GDPR require timely patching of critical updates and vulnerabilities which aiden was built for. Most organizations fail to meet these standards resulting in costly data breaches and violations. aiden automates patching and firmware updates to dramatically reduce the risk of costly data breaches. Bring all computers into compliance within minutes.

  • Reduce costly data breaches
  • Automatic compliance of critical updates and vulnerabilities


Enhance Your Deployment Tool

aiden enhances and is compatible with RMM and deployment tools such as Microsoft Endpoint Manager (SCCM & Intune), ManageEngine, BigFix, Ivanti LANDesk, Kaseya, etc. Organizations can realize their existing investments, use multiple tools or even swap to new tools easily.

  • Maximize existing deployment tool investments

  • Eliminate the need to script new packages

  • Swap out any RMM or deployment tool without breaking a sweat

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of data breaches are attributed to poor patch management.

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aiden User Interface

See all recommended updates and remediate with a single click. Browse and select optional packages to install. View live progress and dynamically add or remove planned deployments. Review deployment history and identify problems with error messages written in plain English.

  • Troubleshoot using plain English status messages
  • Update software with a single click
  • View real-time deployment status

Expert Customer Service

Have questions? We know your time is valuable and speaking to customer support can be painful if you’re not speaking the same language. With aiden, work directly with our packaging engineers and software developers to address your questions or concerns on the spot.

  • Cut out the middle-man and speak directly to engineers
  • Empower your team with expert support
  • We customize aiden and any package on the fly

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