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|Press Release| End Breaches Related to Security Hygiene with AidenVision™

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However good they think their processes are, CIOs, CTOs, CISOs, risk committees, and boards of directors, rightly fear that their organization’s computers are not in compliance with their cybersecurity and operational policies. What’s needed is a compliance-based, wholistic view across all computers in an organization's enterprise. With AidenVision, IT teams can quickly surface issues and reduce time-to-patch, improving security hygiene and digital end-user experience (DEX).

“This Completes the Dream” – Sean Maloney’s vision for Aiden comes to life with our next big release

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Sean Maloney, Aiden's technical co-founder, explains why he created Aiden's technology and hints at what we're launching next week to complete his vision for providing a fully-automated desired state configuration (DSC) solution to our customers.

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