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Cyber Threat Act, Infamous Financial Hackers Return, EBA Targeted in Exchange Hack | aiden IT Security News

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Proposed US Cyber Threat Act would allow Americans to sue foreign states for damages stemming from cyberattacks, infamous financial hackers FIN8 return with new tools , European Banking Authority targeted in Microsoft Exchange hack, Tesla and several other companies have security cameras hacked and suspected state-sponsored threats from China target Linux systems with new malware.

Federal Patch Order for Microsoft Exchange, Investment Firms Newly Scammed, Ryuk Ransomware Spreads Laterally – Cybersecurity News

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US Dept. of Homeland Security issues patch order to any federal agencies using Microsoft Exchange, fake "capital call" emails target investors and investment firms, Ryuk ransomware adapts to move laterally through Windows LAN devices, Mobile adware campaigns targeting online banking and crypto-currency wallets sees expansive growth and threat actors game Google's SEO to prioritize payload distribution from fake sites.

Unpatched Jail Software Forgets to Release Prisoners, Sequoia Venture Capital Hacked, Ransomware Strikes Aerospace Vendor – IT Security News and Trends

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Major venture capital firm Sequoia fell victim to a targeted phishing campaign. Non-violent prisoners were kept after their scheduled release dates in Arizona due to a bug in custom software that failed to update prisoner records accurately. CLOP ransomware gang struck Bombardier, shadow attacks dupe PDF anti-tampering security and NGINX misconfigurations lead to website attacks.

DDoS Attacks Hijack Windows RDP, SonicWall, 7-Zip, Google Forms, Airline Data Stolen– Cybersecurity News and Trends

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As the cybersecurity industry is still dealing with the fallout of the SolarWinds hack, more discoveries were made this week about its scope and vectors of attack. Significant exploits of popular software (Google Forms) and network-level hardware (SonicWall) also came to light.

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