Your IT Problems Solved with Aiden.

Manage Microsoft Windows with confidence
and peace of mind.

Feeling overwhelmed by the constant, never-ending firefighting? Tired of maintaining computer images, building machines, deploying software, and responding to helpdesk tickets?

There is a better way. Easily tackle it all AND level up security.


Simplify your processes by ditching the redundancies and archaic processes your team has to manage on a regular basis.

Your Most Tedious IT Tasks…Done

Getting Windows computers to your ideal desired state and keeping them in compliance is nearly impossible … unless Aiden’s on your team. Aiden automatically updates and configures software on the fly so that you’re more productive and secure. We take complicated, tedious engineering work and automate it, giving you time back in your day, useful insights, and peace of mind.

Psst… this is a living list that is constantly updating. If you don’t see a task you would expect, reach out to us directly.

Aiden Task List

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Save time and headaches

Whether responding to help desk tickets or pushing out software updates, IT is like playing a constant game of whack-a-mole.

With Aiden, you and your team can spend less time building machines, troubleshooting, deploying, patching, and stressing. Aiden frees you to focus on high-impact, more rewarding projects. Here’s what we do.

Be compliance or audit-ready at a moment’s notice

Keeping up with compliance frameworks (HIPPA, NIST, CIS, etc.) and completing constant security audits is no small feat.

AidenBot combined with a plain-English policy document enables your environment to comply with corporate standards with ease.

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Simplify your IT processes and projects

With Aiden’s trusted solution, you can ditch the hassles of maintaining computer images, manually deploying software updates, and rolling out new machines by hyperautomating these time-consuming tasks.

Bye bye, team burnout.

Unlock Your Imagination.
Rethink IT Capabilities.

Modern Business Use Cases with Aiden


…rebuild hardware anywhere, at any time…

  • Automate Windows Autopilot & provide an out-of-box experience with no extra work
  • Rebuild based on travel or employee status

  • Respond to ransomware with a clean new installation

  • Breath new life into old machines

…get more out of software deployments…

  • Fully support WFA
  • Seamlessly swap out security tools
  • Effortlessly migrate to a new Windows OS

  • Finally package Microsoft store apps

…provision cloud environments in minutes…

  • Disaster recovery

  • Disposable environments

  • Temporary migrations

  • Isolation and containment

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The IT Security Paradigm Shift

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