Published On: September 20th, 2016

Dell Driver Pack – Latitude Exx70 Family
Drivers and software for the Dell Latitude 3350, E3350, 3470, 3570, E5270, E5470, E5570, E7270, 7370, and E7470

Added a BIOS update feature, including the latest BIOS for all models
Added a feature to suppress the BitLocker recovery prompt after a BIOS update
Updated all drivers to the latest release

  • Abort the installation if the Microsoft Driver Package Installer is running
  • Check hardware compatibility
  • Choose the driver repository based on the OS version and architecture
    • Windows 10 64-bit – A10 (06/27/2016)
    • Windows 8.1 64-bit – A10 (06/21/2016)
    • Windows 7 64-bit – A18 (08/08/2016)
    • Windows 7 32-bit – A18 (08/08/2016)
  • Install drivers, only if matching hardware is found, and only when a driver is a better match than existing drivers
    • Suppress all prompts to install unsigned drivers, except in interactive mode
    • Suppress the addition of entries to Programs and Features in the Control Panel
  • Suppress the BitLocker recovery prompt during the next reboot, only on BitLocker protected systems
    • The BitLocker recovery prompt is often triggered by BIOS updates
  • Install Dell BIOS, firmware, and driver updates
  • Schedule a re-assessment of the system’s graphics capabilities at next log on
  • Display a summary of driver installations and failures, only in interactive mode
Supported Models
Dell Latitude 3350
Dell Latitude E3350
Dell Latitude 3470
Dell Latitude 3570
Dell Latitude E5270
Dell Latitude E5470
Dell Latitude E5570
Dell Latitude E7270
Dell Latitude 7370
Dell Latitude E7470
Command line arguments
<none> - Minimally interactive install
/u - Unattended install
/s - Silent install
Exit codes
Common exit codes

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