Published On: March 24th, 2015

Lenovo Driver Pack – ThinkPad T410, T510, W510, X201, X301
Drivers and software for the Lenovo ThinkPad T410, T410s, T510, W510, W701, X201, X201s, X201 Tablet, and X301

  • Cache the package to the local disk, to avoid “Open File – Security Warning” dialogs
  • Allow the following Windows 8.0 packages to install on Windows 8.1
    • Audio Driver
    • Intel Chipset Support
    • Intel Management Engine Interface 6.2 and Serial Over LAN (SOL) Driver
    • Intel Rapid Storage AHCI Driver
    • ThinkPad Hotkey Features Integration 3.89.0100
    • ThinkPad Video Features (NVIDIA NVS Optimus)
  • Allow the following Windows 7 packages to install on Windows 8.1
    • HUAWEI EM660 Wireless WAN Driver 3.10
    • Leadcore5730D Wireless WAN Driver 1.12.01
    • ThinkPad TrackPoint Driver
    • ThinkPad UltraNav Utility 2.13
    • ThinkPad Wireless WAN (UNDP) Driver 1.1.250
  • Suppress the installation of Intel PROSet/Wireless Enterprise Software
  • Suppress the installation of Intel Management and Security Status
  • Install applicable system packages
  • Schedule a re-assessment of the system’s graphics capabilities at next log on
  • Pause for 45 seconds while the NIC and port reconnect
Command line arguments
<none> - Minimally interactive install
/u - Unattended install
/s - Silent install
Exit codes
Common exit codes

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