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Your Microsoft Automation Experts

Microsoft provides the leading enterprise computing environment.
Aiden hyperautomates it for IT-Security.

Meet Aiden. Purpose-built AI and hyperautomation for Windows PCs, servers, and VDI. We’ve done the hard engineering work of automating the configuration, testing, and deployment of software at scale to free up your team.


Side Effects Include: Improved Sleep, Reduced Headaches, Happier Teams, and Less Stress

We Make Windows Environments
Efficient & More Secure

Top 4 reasons you will Aiden

Automate Microsoft software deployments from anywhere

Eliminate Vulnerabilities. Reduce risk. errors, helpdesk tickets, & headaches

Achieve & maintain endpoint desired state configuration with ease

Increase efficiency while enhancing compliance at scale


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We Take Microsoft for Enterprise to the Next Level

Our team lives and breathes Windows.

We’re a Microsoft partner, part of the Microsoft for Startups community, and have decades of experience automating Windows enterprise environments at scale.

Why Microsoft? The majority of enterprise organizations run on Windows, and IT-security teams are overworked just trying to keep up. We see a huge need to utilize automation in order to free up time for more rewarding projects, and that’s why we exist.

Breathe New Life into Old Machines

We all hang on to some things way after we should let them go. Legacy Windows OS are a reality for many of our clients. We make it easy to keep them updated and secure.

From Vista & Windows 7 to Windows 11, Aiden runs on legacy OS and we can help you seamlessly upgrade when you’re ready.

Let Aiden help modernize your Windows fleet.

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Delivering Windows Desired State Configuration Together

Our partners choose Aiden because they are determined to deliver the best end-user experience for their customers.

1,600+ Common IT Tasks
Ready to be Deployed

Getting Windows computers to your ideal desired state and keeping them in compliance is nearly impossible … unless Aiden’s on your team. Aiden automatically updates and configures software on the fly so that you’re more productive and secure. We take complicated, tedious engineering work and automate it, giving you time back in your day, useful insights, and peace of mind.

Psst… this is a living list that is constantly updating. If you don’t see a task you would expect, reach out to us directly.

Aiden Intelligent Software Packaging Task List

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