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This event was previously recorded on 4.27.21.

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Here’s a list of questions that were answered by our panel:

How did the current cybersecurity landscape get so bad?
I’m not really a target, what do I have that’s worth stealing?
How can we better communicate the cyber problem to boards of directors?
How do you translate IT into business speak? Is it getting easier?
How do we educate the board members and give them readable information for them to be aware of a company’s cybersecurity posture?
What about discussing vulnerabilities and risk with the board? How do we interest board of directors in the problem that cyber, at the end of the day, if it’s poorly handled, gets to be systemic risk? How do we bridge the gap?
How do I tell the board that it’s not their problem that somebody hasn’t patched a vulnerability?
How do we bridge the gap between the board and operations with regards to risk?
How has COVID-19 changed cybersecurity?
With the attack surface much greater due to COVID-19, we’re all working from home, doesn’t the answer really have to depend upon technology solutions? How on earth do we keep track of, look at, judge the keystrokes that are going on at these remote desktops and laptops? How can we use endpoint solutions that use AI and Machine Learning (ML) to help?
How will SolarWinds change the cybersecurity landscape, or has it already?
How do you quantify the human element in assessing the risk? Size or structure of the team, when to outsource responsibilities, and how to train and retrain the team, etc?
How do you instill the element of we’re all in this together when it comes to cybersecurity?
How could the government work to educate non-IT professionals better on cybersecurity awareness? Do you see more public or private collaboration in the cards?
Do you see a lot of value in continuing to built STEM programs?
What keeps you up at night?
“I keep thinking there must be more I need to do. It can’t really be this easy. […] I love this.
Endpoint Infrastructure Manager, Leading Private Equity Firm

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IT Manager, Global Translation Services Provider

“We trust Aiden to automate packaging, so we have complete confidence that updates happen quickly, and on all devices–without interruptions.”

Chief Information Security Officer, Leading Private Equity Firm

“Aiden has changed the speed and efficiency at which we’re able to do things and with what we already have. We didn’t have to re-create the wheel.”

IT Manager, Global Translation Services Provider

“Aiden provides a more scalable process, better product being delivered to the end user, faster support resolution because of the consistency, and significant IT hours saved supporting the overall process”

SVP, Technology, Global Technology Investment Firm

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