Intelligent Software Packaging for Microsoft Windows

  • Drivers, BIOS & Firmware Updates

  • OS Deployments, Updates & Upgrades

  • Third-Party App Installs & Removals

  • Configuration Changes

  • Vulnerability Patches

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Side Effects Include: Improved Sleep, Reduced Headaches, Happier Teams, Less Stress

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Modern, Intelligent Software Packaging & Deployment

Keeping Windows software updated is required for good cyber hygiene, but it’s also boring, redundant, error-prone, and difficult to maintain. With Aiden’s AI and hyperautomation, you can free up your precious IT resources to work on more rewarding projects while Aiden ensures your computers have all of the software they’re supposed to have and nothing else.

What’s an Intelligent Software Package?

Our intelligent software packages have been carefully developed from decades of experience troubleshooting complex Windows environments. Our automation engineers build into each package the targeting, validation logic, scripting, and task sequences that are normally created when deploying through an endpoint management tool. Every package uses AI to hyperautomate the installation, removal, and swapping of software just like a Ph.D.-level packaging engineer would on your team, but AidenBot can do it at scale.

Aiden Intelligent Software Package Contents


Tasks vs. Aiden’s Intelligent Software Packages

Every packaging engineer is doing the same work to deploy software to computers over and over across every organization, which is redundant and not a good use of their time.

We’ve automated 90% of the work that goes into maintaining computers and built it into a software package so that Aiden can integrate with any software deployment tool on the market.

Have your team focus on higher visibility and more rewarding projects while Aiden takes tasks off of their plate.

Supercharge your deployment tool with AI and hyperautomation

Aiden is not a replacement for your current deployment tool, instead, we build the packages and make operating these tools easier with fewer resources. Here are a few tools we work nicely with:

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What’s left for your IT team?

  • Schedule deployments

  • Approve all updates

  • Manage reboot prompts

  • Report amazing results with AidenVision

Your Most Tedious
IT Tasks…Done

Getting all your Windows endpoints to their ideal desired state and keeping them there is nearly impossible … unless you have Aiden on your team. AidenBot ensures every device is automatically configured, updated, and secured to your desired state so that your business functions flawlessly.

Psst… this is a living list that is constantly updating. If you don’t see a task you would expect, reach out to us directly.

Aiden Intelligent Software Packaging Task List

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