Patching Doesn’t Work
Intelligent Software Packaging Does

Desired State Configuration for Windows modern work

Your team is tasked with keeping Windows computers at an ideal state with software patches, security updates, maintaining images, and software deployment on-prem & at home, without incurring heavy labor costs or interrupting end-users (No pressure).

Aiden offers the only intelligent Windows packaging solution that automatically determines which endpoints are out of compliance and then correctly brings them to their ideal state.

Aiden intelligent software package

Aiden has over 1,000 intelligent software packages ready to deploy in minutes.


Cyber hygiene has never been easier, all thanks to Aiden.



The trusted library of intelligent software packages, field tested in leading global enterprises.

Standard patching is a drain on your resources. AidenCore consists of over 1,600 trusted, intelligent software packages for Windows applications meaning you’ll never have to worry about another software patch again.



Our team of automation engineers developing innovative solutions tailored to your needs.

Our team of automation experts work with you to solve your most challenging software packaging needs and maintain your plain-English policy document for you. Have custom software needs? No problem, we’ll keep them up-to-date so that your entire Windows environment is secure.



The AI that uses hyperautomation to ensure your Windows computers are in their desired state.

AidenBot uses the deployment tool you’re already using to agentlessly deliver intelligent software packages to all your organization’s Windows devices. Deploy on your schedule to ensure that your computers are always in their desired state, keeping your environment secure and compliant with less hands-on management from your team.


AidenVision icon II

Our policy-based reporting dashboard that provides compliance recommendations based on your endpoint desired state configuration.

AidenVision gives enterprises a comprehensive view of how their Windows computers meet compliance with their desired state configuration. AidenBot provides actionable recommendations and AidenVision highlights the insights needed to improve security posture.

Sounds unbelievable?
See it to believe it.

Think of it like meeting a new friend for coffee — here’s your chance to try Aiden on for size. With a 30-minute discovery call, learn more about what we do and how we can help simplify your IT management processes.

AidenVision icon

Supercharge your deployment tool with AI and hyperautomation

Aiden is not a replacement for your current deployment tool, instead, we build the packages and make operating these tools easier with fewer resources. Here are a few tools we work nicely with:

Take packaging off of your plate

AidenLabs manages 1,600+ applications…and their custom configurations…so you don’t have to. Take the headaches out of managing your Windows environment with Aiden.

Have something custom? Your new team of automation engineers are up to the challenge!


Common business applications are already packaged and ready to deploy…
and growing every day




AidenBot uses hyperautomation and AI to turn scripted task sequences, targeting rules, and verification logic into easy, reliable processes. No more manual task sequences.

seamless integration

Seamless Integration

No need to change your current tech stack, we seamlessly integrate with the deployment tool you’re already using.

lifecycle management and bare metal deployment icon

Lifecycle Management

Building & maintaining images is tedious and time-consuming. Aiden manages the full lifecycle of all Windows devices from bare-metal to repurposing.


Plain English Policy

No more guessing how each endpoint is configured, We maintain your policy in plain English and AidenBot takes care of the rest so what you see is what you get.


Security & Compliance

Aiden makes it easier to keep up with compliance frameworks (HIPPA, NIST, CIS, etc.) by reducing time to patch and vulnerabilities.


Expert Support

Need to dig into something technical? Our Aiden expert automation engineers become part of your team and don’t worry, they’re not outsourced or over seas.

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