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IT Security Paradigm Shift Panel Discussion


The current IT and Cybersecurity landscape is broken. Vulnerabilities last too long, IT teams are constantly struggling to identify, remediate and validate new issues manually, basic maintenance dominates the priority list, and the WFH environment is not going away any time soon. On top of it all, hackers are using automation to exploit vulnerabilities 6 times faster than they are being patched while the cybersecurity hiring gap is only getting worse. A paradigm shift in IT Security is desperately needed to reduce risk and restore confidence.

How can we get closer to a zero trust framework by leveraging emerging tech like artificial intelligence?


Many organizations’ IT-Security tools are outmoded. We are still using standard security methods, like least privilege access, multi-factor authentication, and manual threat hunting to keep organizations secure, but these are table stakes and no longer enough to keep businesses safe. Hybrid WFH environments have increased attack surfaces, the number of devices with the proliferation of IoT and BYOD have exponentially increased, and hackers are exploiting vulnerabilities 6 times faster than they are being patched. A paradigm shift in advancing IT-Security must occur if we are to keep pace with our adversaries, and it all starts with examining trust.

IT Budgeting for an Uncertain 2022

Virtual Event Virtual Event

COVID-19 spikes are keeping employees virtual, ransomware is inevitable, and finding expert talent is proving difficult. If 2022 is anything like this year, preparing for disruptions now will set up organizations to be more successful. So how can you maximize your 2022 IT budget and stay secure, all while managing a work from anywhere chaotic environment?

Desired State: Myth or Reality?

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Am Law 200 Law Firm Solves the Software Patching & Deployment Nightmare

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Simplifying the Transition to Microsoft Office 365: A Case Study with Koley Jessen

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