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Am Law 200 Law Firm Solves the Software Patching & Deployment Nightmare

For years, the IT team at Bond, Schoeneck & King was challenged with maintaining 100’s of apps used throughout the 300-attorney firm. Consistent application updates and versioning were challenging to maintain, making helpdesk tickets more difficult to resolve. Existing tools were labor-intensive, taking time away from higher-value work, and their weekly vulnerability scans showed gaps that could lead to data breaches. The firm sought an outsourced solution that could keep computers and servers in their desired state configuration, freeing up time for engineers to provide more high-value work to the firm, closing the vulnerability gaps, and streamlining their imaging process. The team found Aiden, a solution that automates software packaging and deployment for Microsoft Windows, including those applications developed specifically for the legal vertical.

In this webinar, Bond Schoeneck & King’s Manager of Security and Infrastructure, Jim Upwood, will discuss the challenges the firm faced with the many competing tools they’ve used over the years, why they brought in Aiden to augment their application packaging, patching, imaging, and deployment processes, and the many benefits the firm has received since launching Aiden in early 2023 like:

  • A 30% reduction in security vulnerabilities
  • $120,000 savings in software costs
  • Decreasing image deployment on new computers from over 2.5 hours to less than 30 minutes
  • Simplified help desk operations thanks to standardized software versions and patches for all of their applications and Windows patches
  • More time to focus on higher-value, less mundane work


Jim Upwood
Manager of Security and Infrastructure - Bond, Schoeneck, & King
Laura Brown
VP of Sales - Aiden Technologies, Inc.
LinkedIn Profile
Sean Maloney
Principal, System Architect - Aiden Technologies, Inc.
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“I keep thinking there must be more I need to do. It can’t really be this easy. […] I love this.
Endpoint Infrastructure Manager, Leading Private Equity Firm

“Aiden is the content that takes your standard endpoint manager to being a supersonic ballistic missile because it adds all this other functionality that you never had the opportunity or the time to configure.

IT Manager, Global Translation Services Provider

“We trust Aiden to automate packaging, so we have complete confidence that updates happen quickly, and on all devices–without interruptions.”

Chief Information Security Officer, Leading Private Equity Firm

“Aiden has changed the speed and efficiency at which we’re able to do things and with what we already have. We didn’t have to re-create the wheel.”

IT Manager, Global Translation Services Provider

“Aiden provides a more scalable process, better product being delivered to the end user, faster support resolution because of the consistency, and significant IT hours saved supporting the overall process”

SVP, Technology, Global Technology Investment Firm

Aiden is a paradigm shift in the way legal endpoints are managed. Deciding to take a chance on something so innovative was not easy, but after taking the leap, I’ve never looked back.

CIO, Bond, Schoeneck and King

Because we could eliminate some tools and replace them with Aiden helped make the decision to invest even easier.

Jim Upwood, Manager of Security and Infrastructure, Bond, Schoeneck and King

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