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Cloud-Enabled Desired State Configuration (DSC)

Finally, achieve your desired state of mind.

Whether your end-users are working from home (WFH) or anywhere (WFA), ensure that their computers are updated, secure, and have the exact software they need and nothing else.

DSC for a desired state of mind.

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Nothing comes between you and security. No matter where you are, AidenBot will automatically download the latest software packages and configurations from the cloud and sync them across your entire enterprise. All you need is a standard internet connection.

Rebuild from ransomware in days.

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Every day a new ransomware attack occurs, sending IT teams scrambling. With AidenBot, you can provision from the cloud and get back to work in a matter of days, not weeks.

Out-of-box experience (Autopilot)

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Gone are the days of complicated discussions with distributors surrounding which computer should have what software. Employees can receive a computer, log in, and shortly after everything’s built to spec.

Improve WFA end-user experience.

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Your end-users have enough distractions at home already – don’t let your computer be another one. AidenBot consolidates reboots so they can focus on the task at hand without interruption.

The Benefits of Aiden’s Cloud Enablement

in vulnerabilities
Fewer IT
support tickets
Reduction in time spent deploying computers

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Modern Business Use Cases with Aiden


…rebuild hardware anywhere, at any time…

  • Automate Windows Autopilot & provide an out-of-box experience with no extra work
  • Rebuild based on travel or employee status

  • Respond to ransomware with a clean new installation

  • Breath new life into old machines

…get more out of software deployments…

  • Fully support WFA
  • Seamlessly swap out security tools
  • Effortlessly migrate to a new Windows OS

  • Finally package Microsoft store apps

…provision cloud environments in minutes…

  • Disaster recovery

  • Disposable environments

  • Temporary migrations

  • Isolation and containment