Cloud Enabled
Desired State Configuration

Cloud Enablement is an exciting new enhancement to Aiden that lets you seamlessly deliver desired state configuration to your end-users, especially in our work-from-anywhere (WFA) world. With Cloud Enablement, Aiden can host a copy of your trusted intelligent packaging library in Azure Cloud, which provides several key benefits:

Reduce WFA Headaches

Save Your VPN

AidenBot can use a package library in Azure Cloud, which is kept in sync with your on-prem libraries, so that your WFA users can receive updates with ease. There’s no need to connect to a VPN and consume bandwidth, AidenBot connects to Azure over a normal internet connection.

Ship Generic Laptops

Cloud Enablement dramatically simplifies Microsoft Autopilot. Once you’ve added the AidenBot to Autopilot, you can have Windows computers sent directly to your end-users from the vendor without the need to stock, image, customize, and ship them yourself. AidenBot ensures your end-user has exactly the software they need and nothing else, no matter where they are in the world.

Serverless Software Distribution

Aiden Serverless Software Distribution

Are you migrating your infrastructure to the cloud? The AidenBot can detect when a computer is in a small office, or any location where on-prem file servers are not preferred, and automatically download the latest packages and configurations from cloud storage.

Network Resilience

Networks are not 100% reliable, especially in a WFA world. AidenBot now switches repositories on-the-fly when it detects a server outage or network change, even while processing a large task sequence — reducing support tickets and ensuring machines are in compliance.

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The Benefits of Aiden’s Cloud Enablement

in vulnerabilities
Fewer IT
support tickets
Reduction in time spent deploying computers

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