|Press Release| Aiden Announces Groundbreaking New Capabilities to Discover and Remediate Windows Vulnerabilities

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 New Solution Updates Address Vulnerabilities that Lead to Disruptive Cyberattacks and Costly Consequences

McKinney, TX — May 6, 2024 — Aiden Technologies, the provider of modern, intelligent software packaging and deployment for Microsoft Windows, today announced its first-ever security features in response to the market’s urgent need to help organizations detect software vulnerabilities and remediate them swiftly. Focusing only on the US Cybersecurity Infrastructure and Security Agency’s (CISA) list of Known Exploited Vulnerabilities (KEV), it typically takes companies about 55 days to remediate 50% of the most critical after their patches are released. Aiden’s new and unprecedented capabilities are focused on helping organizations completely eliminate this risky delay by providing more transparent and up-to-date vulnerability data in AidenVision and then seamlessly automating remediation.

The market-disrupting updates to AidenVision include:

  • Exposure Identification: AidenVision identifies and alerts organizations to high or critical Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) in their software and surfaces the most critical exposures in their Windows environments.
  • Remediation Mapping: After identification, AidenVision maps the piece of software that will remediate each vulnerability based on an organization’s schedule and preferences.
  • Comprehensive Tracking and Reporting: AidenVision provides IT and security teams with the unmatched ability to track vulnerability remediation progress in near real-time, allowing them to answer questions about how quickly vulnerabilities are being addressed and when they were last remediated. The solution also offers comprehensive reporting that provides detailed insights into the vulnerability landscape, including information on affected machines and the specific vulnerabilities present, providing audit-ready evidence for regulatory bodies and insurance purposes.

“I am very impressed by the depth of these new updates to AidenVision and the impacts they will have on how IT managers keep their organizations secure,” said John Kindervag, creator of Zero Trust, chief evangelist at Illumio, and member of Aiden’s advisory board. “By bridging the gap between vulnerability discovery and remediation, Aiden is empowering IT managers to take proactive steps in protecting their digital assets and stay compliant with strict regulations. These updates support Aiden’s commitment to driving innovation in the cybersecurity industry and providing cutting-edge solutions that address the evolving needs of organizations worldwide.”

To bring AidenVision to life, trailblazing enhancements to AidenBot will help organizations achieve market-leading visibility and compliance. The new “critical-only” mode will identify and automatically execute the necessary steps to fix critical vulnerabilities and compliance issues, while reducing changes and interruption to endpoints outside normal maintenance windows. AidenVision will now show NIST CVE and CVSS data in connection with AidenBot remediation tasks, and users will have the choice to specify which desired state policy rules are critical, such as a mandatory installation of the organization’s chosen security agent. This will assist organizations in fulfilling vulnerability remediation requirements stipulated in cybersecurity insurance and major security certifications/protocols like SOC2, as well as give IT security teams the capability to continuously enforce security requirements.

“There is a significant disconnect between the discovery of software vulnerabilities and the actual remediation process,” said Josh Aaron, CEO of Aiden. “If vulnerabilities are left unaddressed, organizations leave themselves open to cyberattacks that can disrupt operations, steal valuable data, damage the organization’s reputation, and cost significant time and money. The updates to AidenVision and AidenBot address this issue by providing organizations with a comprehensive solution that not only identifies vulnerabilities but also maps them to the specific software packages needed to fix them.”

For more information about these updates to AidenVision, click here.

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Aiden is a leading provider of IT automation solutions, offering intelligent software packaging and deployment for Windows environments. Aiden couples deep expertise in Microsoft Modern Management with a powerful AI bot, ensuring that computers get exactly the software they’re supposed to have and nothing else…or, as we like to call it, “Desired State Configuration” (DSC). Building machines, deploying software, and applying patches are tedious tasks on every IT to-do list. Now, these activities don’t need to be a drain on skilled resources or morale. Aiden makes scaling IT operations painless through hyperautomation and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Aiden keeps computers up to date, reduces security risks, and improves the digital end-user experience. For more information, visit meetaiden.com and follow us on LinkedIn @Aiden Technologies Inc. and Twitter at @meetaidentech.


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