Microsoft Exchange Hack: Biden Launches Emergency Task Force

By Published On: March 10th, 2021Categories: Cybersecurity, Microsoft, News

The Biden administration press secretary Jen Psaki announced that an emergency task force has been set up to mitigate the latest Microsoft cybersecurity breach which compromised Microsoft Exchange email software and allowed hackers to access email accounts of at least 30,000 US organizations. Microsoft issued patches for the vulnerability Tuesday. This latest attack comes as companies are still recovering from last year’s groundbreaking Solar Winds hack.

Microsoft, who is coordinating with the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) Task Force, is advising all organizations to scan their endpoints for vulnerabilities and to apply security updates or patches to their devices as soon as possible.

Experts fear the fallout from this latest Microsoft Exchange-based attack, which gave attackers remote control of affected devices and their data, could be potentially at least as damaging as the SolarWinds exploit, if not more.

The news follows a recent congressional hearing on the SolarWinds attack, where business leaders have pointed out that information about internal security breaches at software companies can take a long time to be disclosed. Cybersecurity specialists also testified that commonplace cybersecurity protocols are failing to patch vulnerable devices fast enough to mitigate further compromise.

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