International Life Sciences Company Rebounds from Ransomware Attack Saving Millions of Dollars per Day



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  • Streamline Software Packaging Processes

  • Dramatic Time Savings

  • Improve Cyber Hygiene

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  • Enhance Compliance


Keeping systems running smoothly and securely in a global, rapidly expanding enterprise environment is hard. Throw five acquisitions in the past four years and a pandemic that has forced your entire workforce to go virtual into the mix, and nightmares can become a reality overnight.

The IT Team was stretched thin responding to hundreds of tickets per day, regularly onboarding new employees, and manually patching and deploying applications. They were also challenged with meeting the HIPPA, GDPR & ISO 27001 regulations, including a requirement to be 95% patched. Their overburdened, yet capable, IT team couldn’t keep up.

As a prime target, threat actors eventually exploited a vulnerability, took control of key systems, and held them for ransom, crippling their entire infrastructure. The IT manager was left scrambling for a solution to help the team rebuild and patch hundreds of machines across the globe, all while losing millions of dollars per day.

We did not have the logistics to replace hundreds of infected machines. And we needed a way to geographically deploy new machines and repair existing machines that were infected, fast. 

– IT Manager

In such a pinch, even the process becomes a challenge. Seeing the potential in an autonomous endpoint security managed services solution like Aiden, the life sciences company quickly went all-in.

The Aiden and Life Sciences IT teams quickly went to work defining what should go into their corporate policy document. Standards were reviewed and approved, Aiden’s team of engineers supplied all packages for the environment, and IT used the Aiden Utility to re-deploy to all computers.

The challenge was that we were in the middle of restoring our core infrastructure and we needed to orchestrate not only bringing back critical assistance for users to start working, but we also had to prepare to deploy new computers and VDIs as quickly as possible to get our systems back up and running. 

– IT Manager,

Automation + Standardization =
Security + Efficiency + Time + Sleep

The very next day after engaging Aiden, they were able to restore their most critical office using Aiden’s bare-metal deployment utility.

See the Results of Hyperautomation

Reduction in time spent deploying computers
fewer IT support tickets

When we got hit, it took out all our existing infrastructure and we had to build everything from scratch. That would have taken up to six months with standard methods. With Aiden, we were able to remediate in less than a month. 

– IT Manager,

Bring Clarity to Compliance

What was once kept in complicated spreadsheets is now maintained in a plain-English standards document for endpoint management, including application and bare-metal deployments.

It’s a game changer for us.

– IT Manager

100% Complete with Intelligent Software Packaging

Immediate access to a central library of approved and secure applications that IT can deploy with confidence and agility.

Aiden is the content that takes your standard endpoint manager to being a supersonic ballistic missile, because it adds all this other functionality that you never had the opportunity or the time to configure.

– IT Manager

Achieve Endpoint Desired State Configuration

IT brings all computers into compliance with a click of a button, no longer worrying about device drivers, regional settings, language packs, or firmware.

I have a million tickets and emails to respond to so, when I get a new request, all I have to do now is check to see if the application is already in my library. If it is, then with one click it’s done, if it’s not, then Aiden will take care of it while I sleep.

– IT Manager

Unlock Your Imagination.
Rethink IT Capabilities.

Modern Business Use Cases with Aiden


…rebuild hardware anywhere, at any time…

  • Automate Windows Autopilot & provide an out-of-box experience with no extra work
  • Rebuild based on travel or employee status

  • Respond to ransomware with a clean new installation

  • Breath new life into old machines

…get more out of software deployments…

  • Fully support WFA
  • Seamlessly swap out security tools
  • Effortlessly migrate to a new Windows OS

  • Finally package Microsoft store apps

…provision cloud environments in minutes…

  • Disaster recovery

  • Disposable environments

  • Temporary migrations

  • Isolation and containment