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MCKINNEY, Texas — November 1, 2022 – However good they think their processes are, CIOs, CTOs, CISOs, risk committees, and boards of directors, rightly fear that their organization’s computers are not in compliance with their cybersecurity and operational policies. Vulnerability scanners lack the intelligence required to compare the state of computers with company policies, providing an incomplete view of an organization’s security posture. This leads to long-lasting vulnerabilities, potential exploits, and data breaches. What’s needed is a compliance-based, wholistic view across all computers in an organization’s enterprise. With AidenVision, IT teams can quickly surface issues and reduce time-to-patch, improving security hygiene and digital end-user experience (DEX).

“Vulnerability scanners aren’t going to tell you that software is missing, or that you have the wrong application version, and that’s critical,” said Richard Clarke, Aiden advisor and America’s first cyber and terrorism czar. “AidenVision was designed around the core principle of bringing computers into desired state configurations, so organizations can quickly see what is out of compliance with security standards and harness Aiden’s AI to rapidly automate remediations. Aiden is the way to go Shields Up.”

AidenVision, launched today, is the latest innovation from Aiden Technologies, the provider of modern, intelligent software packaging and deployment for Microsoft Windows. AidenVision ushers in breakthrough endpoint reporting for Aiden’s customers wishing to gain visibility over their entire Windows enterprise. Its granular contextual view showcases how well each computer meets its policy-based desired state configuration (DSC). Using hyperautomation and natural language processing (NLP), AidenVision and AidenBot™ work in consort to arm IT security leaders with actionable insights to rapidly improve their security posture. AidenVision delivers the visibility needed by IT teams to meet their protection level agreements (PLAs) with business stakeholders.

AidenVision enables IT to:

  • gain enterprise-wide visibility into every piece of software managed by Aiden
  • have the confidence to establish and deliver against PLAs within their organization
  • monitor each computer for compliance with policies, highlighting any drift from desired state configuration
  • create real-time & historical reports for compliance audits and cyber-security liability insurance examinations
  • rapidly investigate deployment issues and decrease downtime through Aiden’s recommendations and automated remediations

Aiden’s CEO Josh Aaron said, “IT security teams need to be able to provide confidence about security posture in simple ways that management can understand. Until recently, this was virtually impossible, often leaving leadership in the dark and IT unable to set expectations, while putting organizations at greater risk of a major incident. AidenVision delivers instant clarity, giving our customers unprecedented power to manage cybersecurity as a business decision.”

Meet Aiden

Aiden is a hyperautomation solution for software deployment, patch management, and endpoint security designed to easily scale engineering work across Microsoft Windows enterprise environments. Aiden allows CIOs, CTOs, and CISOs with overloaded IT-Security teams to offload time-consuming maintenance, so their engineers can focus on more rewarding projects. Aiden’s AI-bot integrates with any deployment tool, providing the content required to enforce desired state configuration and enhance compliance. By shortening the time to apply critical updates from an average of 102 days to under two weeks, Aiden reduces vulnerabilities by 97% and help desk tickets by more than 75%. Aiden is a proud member of the Microsoft for Startups community and is committed to supporting Microsoft Modern Work. For more information, go to www.meetaiden.com and follow us on Twitter at @meetaidentech.

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