|Press Release| Aiden Completes $4.5 Million Round of Seed Funding

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Aiden Enables Companies to Overcome Obstacles for Adopting Microsoft Modern Workplace; Dramatically Improves Cybersecurity Posture of Windows-Based Organizations

MCKINNEY, Texas – May 2, 2023 – Aiden Technologies, the provider of modern, intelligent software packaging and deployment for Microsoft Windows, has secured $4.5 million in its second round of seed funding. The co-lead investors in this round of funding are Right Side Capital Management and Blu Venture Investors. Right Side was also the largest investor in Aiden’s initial round of funding in 2021, when it raised its initial $2.9 million seed funding.

“We are excited at the incredible growth potential for Aiden and have seen first-hand what a game-changer the company is for organizations running on Windows and struggling with the complex process of fully adopting tools for endpoint management,” said Dave Lambert, Managing Director of Right Side Capital Management. “Customers of Aiden are able to deploy and maintain Microsoft computers far more successfully, overcoming frustrating challenges and needless complexity that bogs down so many attempts at full-scale implementation of Microsoft Modern Workplace.”

“Aiden has a dramatic impact on the cybersecurity posture of organizations that rely on Windows. It provides true automation for proactively identifying and patching vulnerabilities—doing so much more quickly, effectively, and efficiently than the processes companies use today,” said Bikram Bakshi, Partner at Blu Venture Investors. “This should be a foundational part of the security strategy for organizations in industries that extensively use Windows, including financial services, healthcare, life sciences, manufacturing, and legal, as well as state and federal government.”

“Aiden is revolutionizing the way software is packaged and deployed in the Windows ecosystem—solving a long list of pain points for IT teams, reducing risk, and greatly improving end-user experience with technology. We have taken major steps over the past three years, and our solution is already delivering significant ROI for customers across multiple industries,” said Josh Aaron, CEO of Aiden. “We will soon take an even bigger leap by delivering major advancements in our solution that make it nearly effortless for Windows-based organizations to be successful and secure with Microsoft Modern Management, Intune & SCCM, and eliminate the need for third-party software deployment tools.”

Aiden’s customers include some of the largest asset managers in the private equity industry, hedge funds, law firms, and leaders in other vertical industries that rely on Windows. These companies have saved millions of dollars, significantly reduced downtime, strengthened their cybersecurity posture, and freed up skilled IT engineers to focus on their priorities rather than tedious maintenance. For customer case studies illustrating the remarkable impact of Aiden, please visit: https://www.meetaiden.com/resources/case-studies/

Meet Aiden
Aiden is a leading provider of IT automation solutions, offering intelligent packaging and software deployment for Windows environments. Aiden couples deep expertise in Microsoft Modern Management with a powerful AI bot, ensuring that computers get exactly the software they’re supposed to have and nothing else…or, as we like to call it, “Desired State Configuration” (DSC). Building machines, deploying software, and applying patches are tedious tasks on every IT to-do list. Now, these activities don’t need to be a drain on skilled resources or morale. Through hyperautomation and artificial intelligence (AI), Aiden makes scaling IT operations painless. Aiden keeps computers up to date, reduces security risks, and improves the digital end-user experience. For more information, visit meetaiden.com and follow us on Twitter at @meetaidentech.

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