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Automate the capabilities of Microsoft Intune’s hybrid environment using Aiden’s intelligence for endpoint desired state configuration. Enhance cyber hygiene and the end-user experience while also cutting costs.

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Aiden + Microsoft Intune & Autopilot

Aiden + Intune = Massive Benefits

Reduction in time spent deploying computers
Fewer IT
support tickets
Reduction in vulnerabilities


The last software package you’ll ever have to deploy using Microsoft Intune

No more complex scripting, targeting, or sequencing. AidenBot is the only Microsoft Intune package you’ll ever need to maintain your desired end-state configuration. AidenBot leverages Microsoft Intune’s agent to scan each endpoint and then delivers intelligent software packages from AidenCore to your Windows devices. Just schedule Microsoft Intune to deploy AidenBot and track in AidenVision how your Windows computers are automatically kept up to date and in compliance with your security policy.

AidenVision on Microsoft Surface


Our policy-based reporting dashboard

Get a simple, easy-to-use overview of exactly where you stand with your deployments and vulnerabilities. AidenVision revolutionizes Windows device management by ensuring compliance with company policies through near real-time monitoring, advanced visualizations, and recommendations out of the box. It significantly enhances cybersecurity visibility and reduces vulnerabilities to improve your security posture.

Vulnerability and configuration reporting all in one place.Learn More

AidenLabs Automation Engineer


Our team of Microsoft Intune automation experts

We work with you to tackle your toughest endpoint management challenges and keep your policies clear and current. We also manage custom software updates, ensuring your Windows environment remains secure.

Thinking of transitioning from SCCM to Intune? Great! We have experts who can help.



Our trusted library of intelligent software packages

Traditional patching is a drain on your resources. AidenCore consists of trusted, intelligent software automations for common Windows software applications, meaning you and your team will never have to worry about building and deploying another software patch with Microsoft Intune again.

Our intelligent software packages just hit differently.Learn More

Why Aiden + Intune Works Better

  • Simple Transitions – Don’t worry about recreating deployments and packages. We provide a simple way to manage your environment moving forward, whether you’re coming from SCCM or any other deployment tool.

  • Effortless OS Deployments – With our OS deployments, you can effortlessly migrate to a new Windows OS or rebuild with a clean OS reinstallation.

  • Consolidated Reboots – Consolidate and schedule reboots to improve the employee experience and boost productivity.

  • Packaged BIOS/firmware updates – Easily install the recommended driver, BIOS, and firmware updates using AidenBot.


Aiden Intelligent Software Package Contents

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Aiden replace Microsoft Intune?
    No. Aiden is not a replacement for Microsoft Intune. Microsoft Intune’s agent deploys AidenBot to your computers and automates the installation and maintenance of your desired end-state configuration for the lifecycle of your machines.

  • How does Aiden improve the Microsoft Intune experience?
    When you add Aiden to Microsoft Intune, you no longer have to create application packages and dependency chains to control the order of installation, update application packages and their detection rules every time an update is available, or create custom reports to show the detailed status of endpoint and package compliance.

  • Can Aiden report on machines that are not connected to Microsoft Intune?
    Yes, AidenBot can install itself on endpoints and create a scheduled task to scan and report compliance status to AidenVision once a day and shortly after each reboot. This provides visibility of endpoints with failing endpoint management agents.

What Other Deployment Tools Does Aiden Work With?

Here are just a few. . .

Deploying Aiden with Microsoft Intune

Diagram of how Aiden works with Microsoft Intune
  • 1
    Schedule AidenBot to deploy in Intune.
  • 2

    AidenBot gets deployed by Intune’s agent and scans every endpoint to compare it with your desired state policy file.

  • 3

    AidenBot creates a task sequence to bring all endpoints into compliance with your policy file.

  • 4

    AidenBot installs updates or removes software on each computer and reports to AidenVision and Intune on the state of each machine.

Say Goodbye to Patch Tuesday

Take the headaches out of developing and maintaining software packages and let AidenLabs build them for you. Have something custom? AidenLabs builds packages to suit your needs.


Common business applications are already packaged and ready to deploy. And growing every day


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