NEW: WINZIP 21.5.12480

Published On: August 11th, 2017

WinZip 21.5.12480
A file archiver and compressor for the Zip file format with various levels of support for other archive formats

  • Choose the installer based on the OS architecture
  • Install WinZip
    • Install the customer’s license file
    • Disable automatic updates
    • Suppress the Tip of the Day from displaying
    • Prevent WinZip from automatically opening MS Office files when you double click a Zip file
    • Suppress creating the desktop shortcut
    • Allow the creation of the start menu folder and icon
    • Suppress creating a shortcut at the top of the Start Menu
    • Enable Read Only viewing of content opened from the Temp folder, e.g. email attachments
    • Disable all cloud services
    • Disable all conversion features such as image resize, DOCtoPDF, etc.
    • Disable the “Get More Add-ons” offer in the Tools tab
    • Disable all WinZip Marketing Materials
    • Disable all Social Media and Instant Messaging options
    • Disable the first run tutorial
    • Disable the upgrade tab
    • Disable the shared files folder feature
    • Disable the Zip and Share options
    • Remove Zip and Share, Snap and Share, and Scan and Share from the Create/Share tab
    • Hide the link to the customer’s registration info webpage in the About WinZip dialog
    • Suppress the installation of WinZip Express (cloud sharing) for Office
    • Suppress the installation of WinZip Background Tools
    • Suppress the installation of preconfigured job files
    • Suppress the installation of the WinZip file preview feature for Explorer
    • Suppress the installation of themes
    • Suppress the installation of the Update Notifier
    • Suppress the installation of Quick Pick
    • Disable the WinZip email feature
    • Suppress advertising for preferred file sharing products
    • Suppress showing the WinZip webpage after uninstalling WinZip
    • Disable the option to change the usage data collection setting
    • Suppress usage data collection
Command line arguments
<none> - Minimally interactive install
/u - Unattended install
/s - Silent install
Exit codes
Common exit codes

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