Published On: August 17th, 2018

Microsoft Windows 10 Upgrade 1709 64-bit 10.0.16299
Upgrade Windows to a specific release version, also known as a Feature Pack

  • Install Windows 10 Upgrade 1709
    • Interactive mode: Automate the entire upgrade process, including reboots and OOBE prompts, while displaying progress
    • Silent mode: Silently perform most of the upgrade process, and report when a reboot is required to complete the upgrade
    • Allow automatic resizing or creation of the Windows RE (recovery) partition
    • Disable sending installation data (telemetry) to Microsoft
    • Enable access to the diagnostic prompt (Shift-F10)
    • Delete Windows Setup files after the upgrade has completed
Command line arguments
<none> - Automatic reboot, display progress
/u - Automatic reboot, display progress
/s - Silently pre-stage the upgrade, no automatic reboot
Exit codes
5 - The compatibility check detected issues that require resolution before the upgrade can continue
7 - The installation option (upgrade) was not available, or there is an app compatibility issue
3010 - Success, but a reboot is required (silent mode only)
Common exit codes

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