Published On: February 4th, 2015

Apple iTunes
Sync your iPhone, listen to music, watch videos, and shop for more content from Apple.

  • Choose the installation wrapper based on the OS architecture
  • Skip the installation of Apple Software Update
  • Skip the installation of Bonjour
  • Install Apple Application Support
  • Install Apple Mobile Device Support
    • Prevent the installation of the “Change Notifier” Outlook add-in
  • Accept the iTunes license agreement
  • Install iTunes
    • Prevent the installation of the Internet Explorer add-on
    • Prevent the installation of the Firefox plugin
    • Prevent the installation of the iTunes Outlook calendar add-in
    • Prevent configuring Outlook to load the iTunes-Calendar-Addin
    • Disable automatic synchronization with connected devices
    • Prevent re-enabling of the Windows auto-run feature for CDs
    • Prevent the creation of a scheduled task to automatically search for iTunes updates
    • Prevent the creation of desktop shortcuts
    • Prevent registering iTunes as the default media player for Audio CDs and various audio file types
    • Prevent the iTunes Helper from running after installation
    • Prevent the iTunes Helper from running at Windows startup
  • Suppress the Missing Bonjour notice
Command line arguments
<none> - Minimally interactive install
/u - Unattended install
/s - Silent install
Exit codes
210 - Failed to create the extraction directory
211 - Failed to extract the installers
Common exit codes

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