Meet AidenVision™

Get the latest updates on critical vulnerabilities and their remediation timelines out of the box.

From security vulnerability data to identifying missing or misconfigured software, the NEW AidenVision reveals critical weaknesses in your environment and when AidenBot will automatically remediate them.

AidenVision CVE report on Microsoft Laptop

Good cyber hygiene has never been this easy…

Without Aiden

days to remediate
of critical vulnerabilities

Verizon 2024 Data Breach Investigations Report

With Aiden

days to remediate
of critical vulnerabilities

In critical-only mode & reported by NIST

Identify Exposures

Defined by your security policy, AidenVision reports on which machines don’t meet your Desired State Configuration (DSC) and any high or critical CVE and CVSS vulnerabilities.

  • Security policy violations – Whether a machine is missing software or misconfigured, AidenVision will alert you.

  • Critical CVEs & CVSS Don’t wait for your vulnerability scanner to send you a report, AidenVision now maps NIST to what’s on your computers.

microsoft wondows computers
microsoft wondows computers

Validate in Near Real-Time

AidenVision updates every time AidenBot uses your deployment tool’s agent to bring your machines into their desired state or just scan your environment, providing you seamless security audit support.

  • Audit-ready evidence – No more lag in reports, see the current state of your environment

  • Continuous enforcement – AidenBot doesn’t take breaks & will never let your guard down

Remediate with AI Automatically

microsoft wondows computers

AidenBot can now function in “critical-only” mode which identifies and executes necessary actions to remediate critical vulnerabilities and compliance issues immediately and without your team lifting a finger.

  • Immediately or scheduled – Fix critical issues ASAP or the next time AidenBot runs

  • Tested & installed by Aiden – No more packaging software or lag, we’ve got you covered


Side Effects Include: Improved Visibility, Reduced Vulnerabilities, Enhanced Protection Level Agreements (PLA), and Less Stress

microsoft wondows computers

Data-Driven Visualizations

  • Fleet-view desired state configuration – Gain immediate visibility into every Windows endpoint managed by Aiden

  • Interactive deployment dashboard – Easily audit your Windows environment, drilling down from a visual report

  • Deployment timeline – Quickly review the history of each machine, down to the software version and when it was installed

See the Desired State of Every Computer

  • Desired state classification – Know which computers are up to date, pending reboot, have compliance recommendations, aren’t reporting, or need troubleshooting

  • Rules-based policy insights – Understand how your policy affects what software is on every computer

microsoft wondows computers


microsoft wondows computers

Contextual Troubleshooting

  • Aborted deployments – Aiden will notify your deployment tool to try again later and indicate the exact reason

  • Pending reboot – Everything was successful, but at least one task can’t complete until the end-user reboots

  • Installation already in progress – If updates have already started, like Microsoft Edge or Chrome auto-updates, AidenVision will show the state of all affected endpoints

  • Detailed filtering – By group, location, hardware manufacturer, and device model

Transparent Accountability

  • See that your SLAs and PLAs are met – Easily present results and vulnerability management insights to your stakeholders

  • Monitor deployments – Have confidence that your endpoints are getting updated with the software they need and nothing else

  • Compliance improvements over time – Track how well Aiden reduces risks, remediates vulnerabilities, and enhances compliance

microsoft wondows computers

Boost Productivity with Aiden on Your Team

Save time and headaches icon
Reduction in time spent deploying computers
Fewer IT
support tickets

Getting Started With Aiden

Our intelligent software packages, AI-bot, and compliance reporting work together to help you achieve and maintain your desired state.

Plain-English Policy Document

We listen to what you want and need to build your policy

Happy Employee

AidenLabs provides everything you need to deploy & maintain all Windows endpoints

AidenBot - AI software

AidenBot executes and maintains your desired state configuration

AidenVision CVE report on Microsoft Laptop

AidenVision provides contextual policy-based compliance reporting



A library of trusted intelligent software packages developed by our expert engineers so that you and your team don’t have to.

Standard patching is a drain on your resources. That’s why AidenCore consists of trusted, intelligent packages for common Windows software applications



Develops intelligent custom packages to meet your organization’s needs.

You’re unique and so is your Windows environment. Don’t rely on patching to meet your needs. AidenLabs works with you to keep your custom software up-to-date so that your entire Windows environment is secure.



Delivers intelligent software packages to all your Windows devices.

AidenBot uses AI and hyperautomation to deliver intelligent software packages to all your organization’s Windows devices agentlessly. It runs on your schedule to ensure that your computers are always in their desired state, keeping your environment secure and compliant with less hands-on management from you. With the endpoint software you're already using.


AidenVision icon II

Our policy-based reporting dashboard that provides compliance recommendations based on your endpoint desired state configuration.

AidenVision gives enterprises a comprehensive view of how their Windows computers meet compliance with their desired state configuration. Aiden provides actionable recommendations and AidenVision highlights the insights needed to improve security posture.

2,000+ Software Automations
Ready to be Deployed

Getting Windows computers to your ideal desired state and keeping them in compliance is nearly impossible ... unless Aiden’s on your team. Aiden automatically updates and configures software on the fly so that you’re more productive and secure. We take complicated, tedious engineering work and automate it, giving you time back in your day, useful insights, and peace of mind.

Psst... this is a living list that is constantly updating. If you don't see a task you would expect, reach out to us directly.

Aiden Intelligent Software Packaging Task List

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