How to receive RSS update notifications for new packages and more

Subscribe to our RSS feeds to receive updates for packages, OS builds, and more. On Windows machines, click one of the following links to subscribe with Outlook or your default RSS reader All categories: feeds:// Packages: feeds:// OS builds: feeds:// For all other platforms, copy one of the following URLs into your RSS reader [Read More]

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Exit Codes

Some application packages have unique exit codes, which are described in the application package catalog.  In general, 100-199 are prerequisite failures 200-299 are installation failures, and 300-399 are validation failures. Code Description 0 The package ran successfully 100 Unsupported OS version 101 Unsupported OS architecture 102 Invalid verbosity mode 104 Aborting installation; unsafe conditions 105 [Read More]

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How to boot from a USB device or optical media

When you can’t PXE boot (network boot) because a DHCP relay hasn’t been configured, or because your device doesn’t have an Ethernet adapter, the next best way to set up a PC or server is with a bootable USB device. Create a bootable USB Flash Drive Insert a USB flash drive that is OK to [Read More]

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How to customize start panel layouts for Windows 10

Your aiden Windows 10 builds include a custom Start Panel layout, but you may supply your own layout for any or all Windows 10 builds, by emailing an exported layout to our support staff. Exporting to an XML file On any Windows 10 PC, customize the Start Panel as desired. Then, open Windows PowerShell, Command [Read More]

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How to use the WIN32_MassDeploy WMI Class to target devices

The Win32_MassDeploy WMI class can be used to target devices in specific departments or pilot systems. This is especially useful for Group Policy targeting. Properties Name: ReleaseChannelType: stringRegistry path (32-bit): HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MassDeploy|ReleaseChannelThis value is often set to "Pilot" while setting up a computer with an "IT" build, but it can also be set manually, or [Read More]

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How to analyze crash dumps / blue screens (BSOD)

BlueScreenView This simple free tool, will often find the driver that caused the crash.   WinDbg When BlueScreenView does not provide enough information, Microsoft’s Debugging Tools may be needed. Installation If you only want to install the Debugging Tools, run the Windows SDK installer, select the Debugging Tools for Windows box, and clear all the other [Read More]

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