Endpoint Management Reimagined

Aiden’s trusted factory of highly intelligent and tailored application packages are deployed by our AI-powered bot to automate endpoint management for Windows enterprises.

  • Automate software deployment

  • Bring greater consistency to your environment

  • Reduce helpdesk tickets

  • Increase efficiency and enhance compliance

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Achieve Desired State Configuration

You won’t see results like these from your standard deployment tools and patch management software.

Reduction in vulnerabilities
Fewer IT support tickets
Reduction in time spent deploying computers
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Don’t just take it from us

“I keep thinking there must be more I need to do. It can’t really be this easy. […] I love this.

Endpoint Infrastructure Manager, Leading Private Equity Firm

“Aiden is the content that takes your standard endpoint manager to being a supersonic ballistic missile because it adds all this other functionality that you never had the opportunity or the time to configure.

IT Manager, Global Translation Services Provider

“We trust Aiden to automate packaging, so we have complete confidence that updates happen quickly, and on all devices–without interruptions.”

Chief Information Security Officer, Leading Private Equity Firm

“Aiden has changed the speed and efficiency at which we’re able to do things and with what we already have. We didn’t have to re-create the wheel.”

IT Manager, Global Translation Services Provider

“Aiden provides a more scalable process, better product being delivered to the end user, faster support resolution because of the consistency, and significant IT hours saved supporting the overall process”

SVP, Technology, Global Technology Investment Firm

Recapture Investment with True Automation

Many deployment tools claim they “automate endpoint management”, and may even provide a service to help, but they still require learning new languages, complex scripting, targeting and resources just to operate. Focus on high-visibility, high-impact projects while our expert engineers and proprietary software take packaging off of your plate. We work seamlessly with what you’re already using:

Harden Your Security Posture

Maintaining Windows endpoints is a tedious and repetitive task,
but it’s also among the most critical for maintaining good cyber hygiene.

Intelligent packaging as-a-service

Get access to our evolving library of field-proven packages synced to your network and customized to your standards and preferences

Purely automated, clean builds

Builds and updates computers following your standards, policies, and cybersecurity best practices – It’s pure automation – no images!

Human readable policy

We store your guidelines in plain text, so updates are fast to initiate and changes get reflected to endpoints in minutes

Intelligent Packaging as a Service

Get access to our evolving library of

field-proven packages synced to your network

and customized to your standards and preferences.

Purely Automated, Clean Builds

Automate bare-metal deployments with a single click following your standards, policies and cybersecurity best practices – it’s pure automation – no images!

Bring Clarity to Compliance

Keep your company standards in plain English and achieve desired state configuration with one single document.


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Delivering Windows Desired State Configuration Together

Our partners choose Aiden because they are determined to deliver the best end-user experience for their customers.

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